Sustainable Planet

The world we are living in clearly needs us to change the way we interact with it. It is important to change the impact we are having on the environment through our lifestyles and choices.

I have decided to choose ‘greener’ options in my Reflexology business in Altrincham through the materials I purchase and the operating methods I adopt which include:

  • Responsibly sourced cotton hand towels to clean feet instead of disposable wipes
  • Vegan, cruelty free, Fairtrade, organic and natural oils along with locally made foot balms
  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent alternative- Allergy UK & PETA endorsed and made in Britain
  • Recycled paper used for business cards and all paper in the business is recycled after use
  • Siteground webhosting site chosen due to their use of a 100% renewable energy platform
  • Clipboards and waste bins are made from recycled plastic
  • Refreshments are served in glasses or mugs rather than disposable cups or bottles
  • Limiting carbon footprint with my practice being within walking distance of my home
  • Source materials from local suppliers wherever possible – we are lucky in the Manchester area to have so many independent and innovative businesses who are focused on a sustainable lifestyle

    By demonstrating my environmental credentials, clients who are looking for an eco-friendlier choice can visibly see my commitment to safeguarding our planet.

    The Association of Reflexologists have launched a badge to recognise therapists who work in a way that supports the environment.  I have signed up to the AoR 7-step Environmental Pledge.

    I regularly review my business strategy and operating methods with a view to improving the practice’s environmental impact. I contribute to and participate in several groups and networks of reflexologists and local therapists in order to keep up to date with latest research, techniques and sustainability ideas. Through these networks we share ideas and continually improve all aspects of our practices.

    Nicki of Renew Reflexology has decided to choose ‘greener’ options in my business through the materials I purchase and the operating methods I adopt
    Nicki of Renew Reflexology is an AOR Eco friendly therapist